I categorize my work into some items: bento, bread, cake & sweets, decoration cake, Indonesian dish, foreign dish. I hope it could make easier to find what comes to your interest. You can also find my other cooking pictures on SnapDish. Happy cooking every one!!!



This is part of the bento I previously made for my little boy and lovely husband. Especially for the character bento, it was tough to make them to the details, but I kind of missing those times now.


Even though making bread quite take some time, but I’d prefer to make bread than cake because there are waiting time in between, so I can do something else while waiting.

Cake & Sweets

My family love cake & sweets so much. That is why I also love to make it, because just thinking of their smile can make the effort become much less than what it is in the reality. 🙂

Decoration Cake

This category of cake really take so much time. I don’t think that I have the patience to support me do the same thing again. But at least I will leave them here as my good memory.

Indonesian Dish

Comparing to foreign dishes, I might rarely cook Indonesian dishes because there are many steps to prepare the seasoning and ingredients. However, in terms of taste, surely I prefer the Indonesian ones more. 🙂

Foreign Dish

Overall, foreign dish does not need many steps in the recipe, that makes it usually more simple to make. Therefore, it really helps especially when I am busy with my work.