Here, I would like to summarize some photos of my cooking, notes of my recipes, and also some scenes of the cooking lessons I have opened before. Personally, I hope this could help me to look back at the old good memories, and could help people to get some ideas on learning cooking.




I categorize my work into some items: bento, bread, cake & sweets, decoration cake, Indonesian dish, foreign dish. I hope it could make easier to find what comes to your interest. You can also find my other cooking pictures on SnapDish. Happy cooking every one!!!


I put some of my recipes here without taking any charge except if you want to use it in commercial use. Other than this, you can also check my recipe placed in Cookpad. Hope you can enjoy it. GO STRAIGHT TO CHECK ALL RECIPES :: Home Cooking (Fish Base) :: Ikan Goreng Saus Rempah (Thai-style) Oyako Chahan (Nasi Goreng Salmon … Continue reading Recipe


The lesson is a hands-on type and is held in a cozy and relaxing place. You will experience creating your own cake or bread by yourself, and you also can take it home after the lesson. Please refer to this page if you want to request a class, and then follow the instruction there to … Continue reading Lessons