Melia Sandya Utami

Having a background in applied chemistry during my university life, I then found my passion in cooking when I took baking lessons in ABC Cooking Studio while I’m still finishing my undergraduate program. After completing my masters, I convinced myself to change my field to work at the same place where I learned baking as a cooking instructor. However, I felt that it’s not easy for me to work with a new born baby, so then I decided to resign and become a free-lancer to teach and deliver bento/cake/bread by myself.

Moreover, while I was taking my maternity leave, I was often asked by my friend, who then became the founder of a research institute in Japan, to help him teach Indonesian or translate documents (Japanese ↔ Indonesian). This was the first time for me to get in touch with language work, but I found it quite interesting. Then here I am, still continuing the work, developed my skill to be able to cover Indonesian/Japanese/English as a teacher, translator, and interpreter.

During my activity in cooking, I had a chance to make some appearances in media, such as to introduce Indonesian food in a TV program called Asian Smile of NHK Japan and get interviewed for magazine & newspaper as shown in the pictures below.

To get to know more of my current activities, please refer to following pages to get more details.

ウタミ メリア サンディア

大学で応用科学を専攻にした背景を持っていますが、学部時代にABC Cooking Studioでケーキとパン作りを学んだとき、料理の世界にパッションを感じるようになりました。それで、大学院を終了した際に、私は分野を変えて、そのパッションに出会わせる会社で料理の講師として働くと決心しました。しかし、数年間仕事したときに、小さな子供を持った私には会社での仕事が難しいと感じたので、フリーランスとして弁当、ケーキ、パンの提供や個人レッスンの講師を行うことにしました。